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Annual IT Budget planning

  • IT budgeting and planning shouldn’t be a difficult procedure, Sobo Technology Advisory services include assisting you in compiling a budget based on previous years’ IT expenditures to advise you in future expenditures. 
  • This should provide you a clear picture of where your IT expenditure has been and allow you to prepare for future expenses consistently. 

Quarterly technology steering and business review

  • Providing a QBR (Quarterly Business Review) is critical for our clients and helps you identify your business’s support needs. 
  • We dive into reports that assist you better understand your support requests, service levels, and forecast future project and implementation timelines. 

Discovery Meetings to unpack technology challenge

  • Our clients look forward to speaking with us about any problems they may be having. 
  • It may be about expanding the business, spinning down verticals, or transitioning to other markets. 

  • Although technology cannot solve all problems, we relish the opportunity to educate our clients on best practices and future developments. 

project scoping and proposals

  • Over 20 years of experience has taught us the importance of listening carefully and fully comprehending the project. 

  • We aim to fully comprehend the project and deliver the most accurate proposal possible the first time around. 

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