At Sobo IT, we believe that providing a prompt response to our clients is imperative. We have personable qualified support staff available at all times to immediately address any technical issue that may arise.


Technology Support

Always Dependable Support

Tech Issue? No, Problem

We are committed to fix your technical issue so you can focus on your organization primary commitment, the business of doing business. Having a partner that you can count on to resolve on to resolve your issue because we will not rest until we have met your satisfaction.


Don’t Worry, We’ll Handle Everything

Is your technology giving you problems? 

Don’t worry, we are here to help.


  • Remote support makes use of remote access software to provide technicians with quick access to a remote device from any location at any time.

  • At all times we have personable, qualified IT technicians on hand to immediately address any technical issues that may arise.

Dispatched onsite Support

  • Our goal is to eliminate issues before they arise.

  • Our on-site time provides us with the knowledge necessary to guide your firm’s technology decisions for the future.

Emergency IT Support

  • An IT emergency is anything that puts your company’s technical or data infrastructure in jeopardy.

  • Massive server failure, a natural calamity that destroys your assets, malware penetration, or a data center failure are just a few instances.

  • Our trusted team is skilled in data recovery and quick solutions and can immediately halt the damage and prevent any more from occurring.

Above and Beyond

Services that go Beyond

An additional feature of our support plan.

Scheduled Onsite Support

After Hours IT Support

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Talk with our Business Advisor to grow in technology! Sound confusing? Reach us, and we can make it crystal clear