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Sobo: Atlanta’s Best Small Business Consulting Service Provider

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We’re Sobo, Atlanta’s Best Small Business Consulting Service provider and we’re excited to help your small business big dreams come true.

We know you. You’re a big dreamer that wants to start your small business off on the right foot. When we first began to dream, we knew it’d be tough to break into Atlanta’s business market. And you know what? It was hard.

Truth is success isn’t supposed to be simple.

Like us, we bet you’re risk-averse and want to be mistake free.

Especially when so much is riding on your decisions. These are your dreams, after all.

But true growth in life comes from the missteps, the mistakes, and even the failures. It’s what you learn from them that defines you, that speaks to your character and charters your success.

Or signifies your failure.

At Sobo, we were just like you. We dreamed big. We worked hard. We made mistakes—and we capitalized on them; learned from them, and they made us that much stronger.

We hit roadblocks and stumbled over speed bumps. But where so many businesses fail, we found our way around the barricades, and over the obstacles.

We want to help your business succeed. We want you to overcome the challenges and taste success.

So, what makes Sobo equipped to help your dream reach reality?

At Sobo, we provide first-hand experience and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed.

You’ve got to survive before you can thrive. And nobody understands this like we do.

It won’t be easy.

With Sobo, you get to benefit from the mistakes we made early in our path to success, so you will avoid the same faux pas all together. 

We pride ourselves on our values. 

We define these essential values as: Client service oriented, integrity and honesty, commitment to excellence, problem solvers and teamwork.

Sobo’s First Pillar: Technology Advisory

Technology Advisory in and of itself might be the most important of our 5 Pillars for Small Business Success.

With more top-notch tech fighting for our attention now than ever before, a technology consultant is crucial. Without one, even the biggest budgets can be blown to shreds.

Countless small businesses have either overspent on technology or ignored it all together.

This is a devastating misstep and leads to countless startup failures.

With Sobo by your side, we bring you a comprehensive, full-service offering tailored to your business’s unique needs. We include all the must-haves, such as:

Sobo’s Second Pillar: Financial Advisory

It doesn’t matter how much money you have if you don’t know how to spend it right. The same is true when you don’t know when to NOT spend.

Key Point: It’s much easier to go broke than become wealthy. This is why it’s crucial to have expert Financial Advisement on your side.

However, you don’t have to be a millionaire to become one, either. You do have to budget wisely, and this is true with what you buy as much as what you don’t buy.

Poor financial decisions become the death knell for countless startups.

Sobo simplifies your bookkeeping and gets a handle on your accounting and financial analyses. We’ll help you get the most out of your budget, so you’ll see where your money is going every step of the way. Plus, our proprietary forecasting model provides actionable tips to avoid overspending.

Sobo’s Third Pillar: Sales Advisory

Sobo’s Sales Advisory Team supports you step-by-step through the sales process.

From lead generation to sales funnel actualization, your team learns from our experts.

We use only the best-in-breed, industry-leading platforms, and automation tools.

Our end-to-end approach aligns your staff with a system based on your company’s specific goals. We will help you pick the best CRM for your company, then be there to train your staff how to get the most out of it.

We incorporate Sales Supervision, so your team benefits from our experiences. Our sales scripts are written by an expert content developer and are hand-crafted with your company’s goals at heart. These scripts will help garner high-quality leads and help beat call reluctance.

Sobo’s Fourth Pillar: Operations Advisory

Operations is overlooked too often, and this can be a terminal mistake.

From HR needs to planning and budgeting, Sobo’s successful operations staff is here to help. They’ll guide you along the way on the path to your small business’s success.

Our Operations Advisory team will help you with:

  • Workflow analysis and goal supervision
  • Process audits, survey creation and client retention
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) tailored to your needs

Sobo’s Fifth Pillar: Digital Marketing Advisory

Every startup needs a top-notch digital marketing plan.

We’ll help you avoid analysis paralysis by guiding your digital tool selection. There are too many tools to choose from, and we’ll help you handpick the best ones for your business.

Sobo’s team of Digital Experts knows what works and will create an implementation plan custom-built for your business.

Our Social Media Plan uses only the best platforms that matter most to your company. Facebook is an excellent tool, but only if it’s right for your business.  We’ll evaluate your social media needs and implement, manage, and monitor your social media strategy.

Our SEO Content Developer is an award-winning writer that creates high-quality, optimized blog posts designed to prospect for your business 24/7.

We’re Sobo, Atlanta’s best small business consulting service provider. And we measure our success by the success of your small business. 

Learn more about Sobo’s Actionable Plans for Your Company’s Success with a Free Consultation

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