How to Choose the Best Software for your Business

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Choosing the best software for your mid-sized business can be a tough decision for even the most tech-savvy CEOs. Free applications and technology designed for personal use do not necessarily bring the features and security your company needs, while privatized options are not designed with the needs of smaller businesses in mind.
But you are used to making difficult decisions to improve the productivity of your company and these simple ideas will help ensure you find the right software for your business.


Analyze your needs

Unfortunately, whatever new software you incorporate into your company will not resolve all the problems you are experiencing. Communication and management concerns will continue, so it is necessary to identify the difference between your business’ people problems and your technology problems before purchasing. Be clear with your upper management: what do you need workers to do versus what do you need the software to do? Knowing each department’s current workflow will ease the decision-making process. Determine your top priorities for software features and obstacle resolutions. Introducing too many new technological tools for your employees and clients to adjust to can result in further setbacks rather than positive productivity transformation. Remain anchored in your company’s linchpin requisites to avoid the distraction of flashy, non-essential features or add-ons.



Finding the perfect software can be a more difficult process than you initially expected, but the technology you utilize should be as unique as your business. Your selection needs to meet the demands of your company immediately, while also providing an opportunity for growth toward your desired projections. It’s a great practice to source recommendations from similar-sized businesses and your network of affiliated corporations, but always investigate ratings and reviews before establishing the software for you. Many high-quality software now offers limited complimentary versions or free trials. Take advantage of several of these options before settling on the best. This ensures that initial excitement or easy interfacing does not distract from your previously identified business fundamentals.


Integrate everything 

When introducing new software into your company, the absolute most important maneuver to ensure success is strategizing for a smooth assimilation. A mandatory feature of your new technology must be that it is capable of working with the software you currently work with or is popular amongst your customer base. Everyone who uses or is affected by this modification must be considered. We recommend getting employees involved in the process early on. Engaging them in the analysis and research phases by having them list their preferences and challenges with your previous systems will improve workflow determination and ensure they are properly invested when the time comes to integrate and master the new software.

There is so much to consider when selecting software advancements for your medium-sized company. This is made more difficult by the current lack of consideration by application developers and their IT teams, who tend to darker mega-corporations. Sobo’s technology advisory services include IT advisory, budget steering, and data analytics to help you determine the preeminent software for your company’s workflow. Call us today 404-999-0712 or visit us online to get started.

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